Paris • France

CLASSIC Paris - Paris Ass Book Fair

CLASSIC Paris is a creative label founded in 2010 that is already responsible for the release of more than 40 titles, ranging from zines to limited edition art books, exhibition catalogs, and even a children’s book — not to mention objects, clothing, and accessories made in collaboration with brands. Their bookstore, which opened in 2016 in Paris, allows them to continually widen their scope of interests, and to add works from independent editors as well as books that are either rare, old or out of print. Through various activities, CLASSIC Paris seeks to bridge as many milieus as possible — art, design, music, and fashion — all while keeping ties with today’s active culture.

For the 2024 edition of the Paris Ass Book Fair, CLASSIC is presenting several exclusive publications together with in-house curator Hugo Vitrani around an original installation, linking the fair with the Palais de Tokyo, where Vitrani works on a daily basis. This is an opportunity to celebrate a decade of friendship, parallel careers, and intersecting projects, and at the same time to showcase the artists from all walks of life who have crossed their respective paths.