Xavier Dartayre

Marseille • France

Xavier Dartayre - Paris Ass Book Fair

Xavier Dartayre’s productions are plural. They can summon a variety of practices, subjects, bodies, and histories, and participate in multiple spaces while playing with different scales and levels of reading. The images that make up the heart of their work are always the result of an encounter, a dialogue, or a particular relationship to the individuals photographed. For the artist, these images represent as much personal memories full of intimacy and affect as they do the foundation for a larger artistic body of collaborative, visual work. Xavier Dartayre sees the PABF as a space of exhibition, exchange, dissemination, redistribution and meetings around their work. The images can just as well be passed from hand to hand in the form of publications and prints as they can be linked to frames, jewelry, keychains and yet other formats that allow their narratives to be extended.