Lazare Lazarus

Marseille • France

Lazare Lazarus - Paris Ass Book Fair

Lazare Lazarus, Le Baiser, 2021, Indian ink and felt pen, 29,7 × 42 cm





A whore and a gardener, Lazare Lazarus draws bodies that open up like windows onto bunches of burning garrigue, onto sunny landscapes that slide across the hot concrete. He imagines pornographic and botanical universes, populated by characters who mingle on the fringes of cities where vegetation abounds, and free territories where one exposes and mats oneself in order to become one with the landscape. He rummages through the boxes of our archives preserved by Mémoires des Sexualités, just as much as he gleans flowers from the shores, to revive old desires and make a strange plant world grow where bodies are transformed into a luxuriant garden. In his etchings, his herbarium-fantasms and his films, he mixes rigorous observations of Marseille with an intimate approach to queer sexuality.