Alice·x in the land of LGBTQI+ archives

by the Centre d’Archives LGBTQI+ Paris IDF

Alice·x in the land of LGBTQI+ archives - Paris Ass Book Fair

Paire de bottes abandonnée à l’Existrans 2013. Fonds des Balayeuses
archivistiques LGBT

Alice·x in the land of living archives is a sensitive stroll through the holdings of the LGBTQI+ Paris IDF Archive Center. The pink rabbit invites you to do things with the archives and be moved by them. See, hear, touch, take in, flip through. Five consultation zones to get to know our archives in all their forms: physical, digital, paper, wood, plastic, images, sound recordings, and so on. The exhibition provokes a material encounter with the stories of our lives, with our media, from correspondence to magazines to the Internet. What do we feel in archival spaces? How do we queer them? How do we self-archive, become archivactivist·x·s? What do archives mobilize in us physically, socially, intellectually and emotionally?