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Printer Fault Press - Paris Ass Book Fair

Sands Murray-Wassink, Printer Fault Press, diez gallery (Amsterdam)

Printer Fault Press is pleased to present the works of artists Sands Murray-Wassink, Emma Bombail, and Maïly Beyrens Xu.

A queer cult figure in the Amsterdam art scene for nearly two decades, Sands Murray-Wassink is a painter, writer, body artist, and perfume collector indebted to various forms and permutations of intersectional feminist and queer art.

A portfolio of Sands Murray-Wassink’s limited-edition risograph prints and original watercolors is presented exclusively at the Paris Ass Book Fair, alongside the second edition of Emma Bombail’s publication High Expectations, as well as merch and a new publication from Maïly Beyrens Xu.