Possessed Planets

Manilla • Philippines

Possessed Planets - Paris Ass Book Fair

The newly-convened Possessed Planets is part overeager group of disillusioned overachievers, part shapeshifting universe, ultimately bound by the doom and gloom of small press production in the Philippines. Its themes are born of the low-quality, low-resolution mix of pleasure and panic that characterize everyday life in the patchwork Megalopolis of Metro Manila. On paper and fabric, through a mix of visual art and text, Possessed Planets tells tales of masturbation, coming of age, forced farts, daddy issues, abstract surfing, queer adventures, wi-fi-spread sickness, as well as the fragmented lives and slow relations borne of even slower internet connections. The aesthetic that binds Possessed Planets is a primordial goopy mess — it is a mess that is blessed just as this planet is possessed.