aime-aime éditions

Le Pré-Saint-Gervais • France

aime-aime éditions - Paris Ass Book Fair

aime-aime editions was founded by two graphic designers, mirat-masson, a fag-dyke duo for whom language is predominantly malleable, fluid, and political. Particularly attached to typographical work and inclusivity in all its forms, mirat-masson published, in 2022, the inclusive font “Amieamie,” enhanced with nonbinary glyphs.

Since the creation of their annual review PAGE, mirat-masson has asserted their desire to produce and distribute edited objects. This new editorial practice has led them to create aime-aime éditions, a queer political space in which they are free to question various identities (gender, class, sexual orientation) and to disseminate provocative and pornographic images.