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PZ Opassuksatit
"It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me"


PZ Opassuksatit - Paris Ass Book Fair

I have this thing where I put Post-It notes but just never remember.
Yellow shades become my afternoons.
Filled up through the space, but never read.
I end up in crisis.
It’s me, hi, I’m the problem, it’s me!
They think I left them on the wall.
The guests gather ‘round and take it, leaving the empty wall.

Hailing from Bangkok and presently based in Paris, artist and art director PZ Opassuksatit oscillate between several mediums: prints and books, garments and accessories, photography and film, objects and sculptures, as well as installation. Her practice, fixated on how and why things happen, is based on observing and jarring the ordinary and the mundane, often in relation to consumption, food, hygiene, love, sex and routine. Through various media she reflects these questions and observations back by exaggerating the absurdity and humour, while looking for the ways in which such events might be remade as art. Opassuksatit has collaborated on diverse art and fashion projects with the likes of Helmut Lang, Marc Jacobs, Doublet, Vaquera and Virgil Abloh. Her work has been exhibited at the Trading Museum in Paris, as well as Dover Street Market’s outposts across the world. She has published 3 books with IDEA, and SamePaper: PZworld 1 & 2 and Fries Book. She most recently founded PZtoday, an “experimental laboratory specialised in image design, art direction and ‘Selling concept for living’.” Opassuksatit was awarded the 50 NEW WAVE: Creatives from The Fashion Awards 2020 held by British Fashion Council, United Kingdom, in the category “Artist.” She considers herself as a comedian.