Spyros Rennt

Berlin • Germany

Spyros Rennt - Paris Ass Book Fair

Spyros Rennt is an artist and photographer whose photographic work documents queer sexuality and the rave subculture through a personal lens. To date, he has published two photographic books, Another Excess (2018) and Lust Surrender (2020), and multiple zines. His work has been exhibited in group shows in Europe and the US, to name some: Schinkel Pavillon (Berlin, 2019), the Schwules Museum (Berlin, 2021) and Het HEM (Amsterdam, 2022), and featured in publications worldwide, from BUTT Magazine, Interview, i-D and Dazed to Sleek, Indie and LAMPOON, among others. He will be launching a new publication at the 2023 edition of the Paris Ass Book Fair.