Migi Migi Edition

Paris • France

Migi Migi Edition - Paris Ass Book Fair

Louise Rocard, under the name of Migi Dagor, created Migi Migi Edition in 2021 after graduating from the Beaux-arts de Paris. Her work and editorial practice are centered around the creation of anti-heroes and draw their inspiration from manga, video games, and the fantasy genre. Her zines host avatars who generate multiple dystopian narratives where the place of the body evolves through digital or tangible landscapes. She collects scientific archives, theoretical texts, and animated film clips, which, mixed with vernacular elements, offer a tree of rhizomatic references to be discovered and dissected. On the occasion of the PABF 2023, Mimi Dagor will present various publications: HEAD-OFF LOVE II, DOGGHOST 1 and DOGGHOST 2, Golden Blue Death 2, as well as several surprises. She has also invited Elisabetta Cunegatti to share the table with her.