Special projects


Presented by Francisco Terra and Nicolas Courgeon

MALDITO - Paris Ass Book Fair

Maldito is the fruit of a collaboration between two artists, Brazilian Francisco Terra and French Nicolas Courgeon. This transdisciplinary project is based on the protagonist of the manga they draw and write together. The story takes place in Mercès, a small town in the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Maldito, a melancholic and exalted hero, is on his way to his childhood village to face, one last time, the Globe of Death, a perilous motorbike aerial competition held during the carnival week. But this environment, usually so friendly, will turn out to be more gloomy and enigmatic as he meets strange creatures. The first volume of the manga is presented during the Paris Ass Book Fair, as well as a fanzine, a capsule collection of clothes, bas-reliefs and wool illustrations in a real “Maldito” shop.

“The beam of a motorbike’s headlights ripping through the night. Maldito speeds through the green countryside of Minas Gerais, his tears blown away by the wind.”