Saturday 4 June • 5 pm

MALDITO - Paris Ass Book Fair

MALDITO, Francisco Terra & Nicolas Courgeon, 2022

Francisco Terra is a Brazilian artist, who was trained a stylist, who combines fashion with other media such as manga, illustration and animated films. Nicolas Courgeon is a French artist whose practice varies between sculpture, drawing and installation. Their manga Maldito is part of a project that develops organically and is made up of different objects, always produced by the artist duo: bas-reliefs, illustrations in carded wool, clothes, board games… All these forms shed light on different areas of this fiction in the making and invite us to question the resources and limits of transdisciplinarity in Maldito. Moreover, the manga Maldito features queer characters, is written in an inclusive way, and its authors want it to be readable by teenagers. What questions does this raise for us?