Nottingham • United Kingdom

MOIST - Paris Ass Book Fair

MOIST exists both to put a dampener on the mainstream “literary” gatekeepers and to juice up the tentative fumblings that occur on the fringes. Art school, state school, and resolutely European (in a style that includes the British but not the Bloomsbury) MOIST is always aroused and arousing and not always polite… Founded in Nottingham in 2019, and inspired by the North American DIY publishing traditions that grew out of art, music, and LGBTQI+ scenes, MOIST publishes three works of literary and/or creative non-fiction every year, each of which acknowledges a diverse range of lived experiences, educational backgrounds, and cultural reference points. However, this shouldn’t be read as a euphemism for poverty porn or “bake-off blandness,” but as a preference for formally innovative, emotionally immediate works with a vibe that is as much global as it is local.