Éditions Presse Douce

Rennes • France

Éditions Presse Douce - Paris Ass Book Fair

Driven by a buccaneering desire to explore the world, starting with their own, an erotic and exotic land, photographer Élie Villette and visual artist Thomas Gaugain have been publishing multiples, fanzines and other miscellanea in lace or on glossy paper since 2019 under the label Éditions Presse Douce. Landscapes of Eros, always tinged with absurdity, in search of meaning, identity, masculinity, its disguises and its truths, in balance, always suspended in the time of boredom. For their first participation in the Paris Ass Book Fair, they promise you grains of sand in your bikini, ears of wheat that tingle your calves, a fresh ass on the dresser and erections that would make the Iron Lady swoon.